Single Shaft Pet Bottle Shredder Machine | PBC-28

  • 28 inch
  • 30 hp motor
  • Capacity- up to 500 kg/hr

465,000 650,000

Introducing the Namibind Single Shaft Pet Bottle Shredder Machine – a state-of-the-art solution designed to transform plastic waste into finely shredded particles. This innovative machine is equipped with a robust 30 HP motor and a 24-inch cutting mechanism, making it highly effective for processing discarded pet bottles. With an 18×24-inch hopper and a processing capacity of 400-500 kg/hr, it efficiently streamlines the recycling process. The machine consistently produces shreds of 20-25 mm in size, ensuring optimal usability in downstream applications. Crafted from durable MS materials and weighing 1300 kg, the machine boasts exceptional sturdiness, making it well-suited for heavy-duty usage. Its user-friendly controls and low maintenance requirements contribute to its operational simplicity. By choosing this solution, users actively participate in environmental conservation and the fight against plastic pollution. The Namibind Pet Bottle Shredder Machine is an excellent fit for various industries including plastic recycling centers, manufacturing, packaging, construction, textiles, education, and other environmentally conscious sectors. This solution represents a harmonious blend of innovation, efficiency, and sustainability – all aimed at creating a cleaner planet. If you’re seeking the best pet bottle shredder manufacturer or information about the pet bottle shredder machine price, pet bottle shredder sellers in Delhi, or pet bottle crushers in Delhi, your search ends here.

Ideal Users and Industries

  • Plastic Recycling Centers
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Packaging Companies
  • Construction Sector
  • Textile Industry
  • Educational Institutions
  • Recycling Facilities
  • Manufacturing Units
  • Eco-Conscious Businesses:
  • Government Sector
  • Educational Institutions



Size 28 inch
Model No PBC-28
Hopper 18*24 inch
Motor 30 HP
Cutter Size 24 inch
Capacity Approx. 400-500 Kg/hr
Shred Size Approx. 20-25 mm
Cutter Quantity 6
Weight Approx. 1300 kg
Machine Structure MS


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