If you are a business owner who needs a loose note counting machine for your office as well as for your home you are at the right place. Because our loose note counting machines help you count each note particularly if all the denominations are in the same bundle. Our Godrej Loose note counting machine can count mixed denomination values for all the new INR including 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 2000. It has an inbuilt sorting facility that sorts all the denomination notes and counts.
It not only saves your time but also is very reliable and has a front LCD display to show the value of the total loose notes. This particular invention can count the value of bundle notes and is the best bundle note counting machine in India. This Bundle note counting machine price is the best available n the market and does its job perfectly and accurately than all the other machines. This note counting machine not only counts the values of multiple denominations all together but can also detect fake notes from the bundle of hundreds in less than a second. This Godrej note counting machine is one of the best currency counting machines with a fake note detector available in India. It has an automatic sensor that detects fake notes with UV and magnetic IR while in the process of counting. This machine is the best and fully automatic money counter which detects fake notes and has a display LCD to show the values of the particular denomination of money loose note counting machine in delhi we are leading supplier of loose note counting machine and money counting machine
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