Namibind Thermal Binding Machine thermal binding can bind multiple documents in one minute time, There are many models & make Thermal binding Machines on the market, but we have found that the Namibind NB-5000 will give you the best value for binding. Namibind thermal binder model NB-5000 is used to heat seal the spine to create a very clean and professional look for your important document bookbinding. 1-4 minute thermal book binding cycle within 6-minute machine heat up time, actually thermal binder very simple thermal binding machine. In fact, it’s probably easier than most other types of bookbinding. With the glue already lower side of the spine of the thermal cover, you insert your document in the correct size thermal Cover, place the cover spine side down in the thermal binding machine and touch the red start button. That is all there is to it; free thermal binding is Ideal for large offices. 1 step, worry-Binds up to 600 sheets in one step. The automatic document thickness detector selects thermal binding machine settings for the user, Place your document in the Thermal Cover folder and jog it in place. Print your document’s paper and select the correct size thermal Cover.

push the red start button. The thermal machine will alert you when the process is finished your book bind after the binding cycle is complete, place your document on the cooling rack in the machine’s backside; Once the adhesive is cooled, your document’s binding book is ready to use. Namibind Thermal Binding machine uses heat to create a very low-cost but very good professional look for your documents bookbinding. This new style of bookbinding without any paper punching allows you to easily paper add or paper remove pages that have already been bound. one of the best & strongest desktop thermal binding solutions available.

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