Heavy-Duty Manual Wiro Cutter is a simply used cutter machine, it does not require any electricity of any wire, it can cut day volume wiro ring wire on manual operating, and it has the setting feature of manual different size whatever size is to be cut by one-time setting.

Today, the way Wiro binding Industries is doing, the quantity of wiro cutting has also been increasing according to the market cost budget. Manual Wiro Cutting Machine does not have any maintenance and does not have any long cutting process as well. Simple Wiro can be used to cut spool rolls by fitting the stand into the stand. Foot-operated model is hand free to cut the Wiro Ring. The die cutter has upper set end cut mode but day 3000/4000 can be cut if the operator is cutting at an appropriate speed. Manual Wiro Cutter Calendar industries, New Year Diary, Manufacturer, Printer, Document Binder. Everyone is using it and the reason is “cost, machine design, and maintenance”.

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