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Namibind is working in Office Automation Sector since last 31 Years from Delhi Location
NAMIBIND REPARING & SPARE PARTES SUPPORT @Today the company is providing Pan India Product Sale, Delivery, Installation, Demo, Service Support and Spare Parts Support from time to time the company is serving direct customer in Delhi-NCR & Selected State and in some non service area though company locale dealer. Providing service is the tergate of the company, whatever support should be given to the customer from time to time.

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Namibind is providing service and annual maintenance service to the same product category machine of its product and another brand, any customer can get the machine service and repair of any brand at Namibind’s own service centre in the morning 10 am to 7 pm open till pm
If any customer has any problem in coming to the service centre, he can send the machine through the courier and get the complaint registered by mailing service@namibindcom

Newspaper shredding machine

Nowadays, Gigantic amounts of Waste papers are becoming problem of every office, defence sector, government office, factory, hospital, school, collage, embassy, bank, warehouse, or every type of business centre or office, these recorded or printed data are actually in no use and won’t be required at all.

Maintenance of large amounts of documents is not only the problem in metro cities but can be seen in small organizations as well whether its in villages or megacities. These documents or records cannot be given to scrap dealers in the present condition because these are confidential and could be used for wrongful purposes. If these are sorted after appropriate intervals then these can raise various concerns; such as – Keeping unnecessary space, piles of dirt, someone to maintain records, gives a grumpy look to the office, etc.
The best measure to get relief from these issues is get them shredded; which makes writing unreadable and 100% safe, in terms of privacy as well. In addition, it becomes easy to recycle, can be used in packaging or sold to scrap dealers directly. Fortunately, you will get much more vacant space in your place which was covered or occupied by files and documents.

Paper shredding machines are made available by different brands; however, most of them offer a category of small or personal use models but when one looks for Industrial type shredder he/she gets Namibind because we are the only brand who provide numerous models to fulfil everyone’s requirement. These industrial models come in variations such as shred capacity, cutting type, motor power, running cycles, with and without hoppers.
Namibind’s models are being used by scrap dealers or service providers just to dispose of a maximum amount of paper at a single go. today shredder series shredder is being used by all the scrap service providers in every state to shred the maximum paper at a single time.

Namibind Industrial Shredders are developed and designed in such a way that it can be taken into operation non stop. In fact, each model has different features and they are built with Heavy Metal Sheets, Heavy duty Gear-set and Cutter, Filters, industrial Motor, and Shaft. Auto cut, Forward and reverse shredding functionality makes it problem free even though it is running continuously. These shredders require minimum maintenance or weekly checkups because cleaning of cutter/blades is necessary because blockage might affect the cutting outcomes. For regular cleanups you do not need any chemical or liquid, just a cotton cloth does the duty best.

There are many individuals and organisations, who do not want to invest in these industrial machines or purchase them because of irregularity in waste paper volume quantity and just require the shredder for some days or a month. After getting this review from our valuable clients. Namibind has decided to offer shredding services and shredder on rent at bare minimum cost which makes it a win-win situation for the user and you don’t need to invest a big amount at one shot. If you require any further details in regards to shredding services, you contact at and can visit at

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