Namibind specializes in wood chipping machines that transform wood logs into chips for diverse applications like biomass energy, animal bedding, mulch, compost, and paper production. These machines are available in various sizes and capacities, featuring high-quality cutting blades, durable build, ease of use and maintenance, and safety measures.
Machine Varieties:
• Drum Type: Common and features a rotating drum with internal knives to chip wood.
• Disc Type: Employ a rotating disc with external knives for chipping.
Namibind machines create chips in various sizes, from 25mm-35mm to 100mm-150mm, catering to different needs. Ranging from 2 to 10 metric tons per hour, the capacity varies based on machine type and size. Each Namibind machine is equipped with high-quality blades, sturdy construction, ease of operation and maintenance, and safety attributes. Namibind woodchippers cater to a broad range of industries, offering a mix of capabilities suitable for different production needs. With a focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Namibind is recommended for those seeking dependable and cost-effective wood-chipping solutions.

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