Any type of diary, wall calendar and table calendar, note book, every kind of binding is done with the wiro ring wire today. You will find wiro Punching Machine and wiro Locking / Closure Machine in every binding and printing industries. Wiro closure machine manual, electric model and motorised model is available Wiro closure and wiro locking machine both are same machine,
wiro locking machine will be available in sizes from 12″ to 24″. wiro is used for 90% of calendar and diary work in the world. Most of the wire closures in the wiro binding work.
If the closure machine is not correct wiro will not locking closure properly it will spoil the whole binding and any binding job will be rejected Namibind wiro closure is available in all sizes. wiro is ready in closure manual, electric and motorized. Namibind gives 100% guarantee wiro closure accurate finishing and closing speed can do day locking from 500 book to 5000 book in each machine model wise, For Namibind wiro Closure Machine Demo you can call or message us on below no.

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