Namibind’s present Wiro binding rings, often known as double loop or twin loop binding rings, are a vital element in modern document binding, serving diverse applications worldwide. These versatile aluminum wires come in various colors to cater to industry demands. Wiro binding, under different names, has become a staple in producing items like document books, calendars, diaries, notebooks, and registers, both in India and globally. It has gained international recognition for its quality and durability in the production of New Year diaries and calendars. The Wiro binding process is efficient and straightforward, involving the insertion of double-loop or twin-loop binding rings after paper punching. Choosing the right wire size is crucial to ensure a seamless fit. Wiro is available in standard black and white colors, with special silver and golden options on request. There are two main types of Wiro binding: 3:1 and 2:1, differing in the spacing of the binding rings, accommodating various ring sizes. Wiro binding materials are typically supplied in spool reel-type packaging drums for convenience. The demand for Wiro, in the form of double-loop or twin-loop binding rings, has led to the development of a wide range of machinery, from lightweight to heavy-duty models, to facilitate its application. This binding method, whether called a double loop or twin loop binding, has evolved into a thriving industry. It is favored by professionals across the board, including printers, publishers, copy manufacturers, binders, diary manufacturers, and calendar manufacturers. Customization options are also available to meet specific color preferences and individual customer requirements, making Wiro binding a versatile and widely used choice in the world of document binding.

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