Namibind Indian largest cardboard shredder manufacturing company. We manufacture all types of Industrial Cardboard Shredder machines at the best quality & best price without any quality compromise. We believe that cardboard Shredder Machine life matters. Shredman series Cardboard Shredder is the best used for all types of Packing Material securely. It works with Low Noise labels while cardboard is shredding. This machine is easily accessing anyone without any support.

Shredman different model cardboard shredder is a commercial or industrial heavy-duty cardboard shredder machine that lets you recycle and reuse your own cardboard waste material. Cardboard shredder machine for packaging with clean-cut strips that look attractive and are eco-friendly too, available in 5/8 mm thin and soft cut size. Please call freely if you require shredded paper material or want to purchase a new cardboard shredder. Automatic Grade shredder: Automatic Shredding Capacity: 500/1000 kg/ per hr cardboard Shredding Machine Type: Double Shaft Output Paper Size: 4/6/8/10 mm For More Details Visit at We have available all different sizes of Cardboard Shredder Machine at our best price. This commercial Cardboard shredder is the best for shredding cardboard securely. It works with Low Noise while shredding. This machine is easily accessing anyone

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