Namibind Metallic cash drawer for Notes & Coins. A cash drawer has become a necessity for every single cash counter, shop, mall, store, bank, toll plaza, post office, ticket counter, etc. The cash drawer is a simple auto-locking auto push open readymade cash box you can set all types of notes in it.
Coins can also be set in different pockets and kept in the cash drawer by setting online payment slips. A cash drawer has various benefits, there is no need to set the cash again and again, but while taking cash from the customer, the cash can be kept by setting it in the cash drawer, the cash drawer can also be connected to the billing machine, it is a simple process. The cash drawer does not need to be fitted anywhere, it can be kept in a simple counter and if the counter has been made according to the cash drawer, fitting can be done in it, there is a league white cash drawer, you can put it anywhere in different cash counters can shift effortlessly, Cash drawer has manual locking system After completing the after duty user can lock it by locking the cash drawer is quite useful and beneficial.

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