3 in 1 sticker half cutting, creasing, and perforation machine is the most widely used machine in the printing and document binding industry. 3 in 1 single machine can perform 3 different types of work after the printing process before processing for binding. It is necessary to do creasing or perforation of paper, it is a necessity to process to perform because if creasing is not accurate or not done properly then the quality of binding will not be appropriate. Furthermore, Perforation is a must in every bill book, slip book, receipt book, challan book, checkbook, etc. It allows to detach the paper from its root easily and in the right shape. The half-cutting feature is used for cutting sticker labels evenly. With the help of these stickers and labels can be pulled off very easily without any waste.
Having 3 features in a single machine allows you to save the cost of three different machines, installing space, and less maintenance. These machines do not need any formal training just basic guidance to operate, they are just ready-to-use models. These machines are completely made in India with heavy quality material. Heavy cutters are fitted in it to perform all the tasks in a tremendous manner.

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