Namibind’s 80 GSM Plotter Paper Rolls offer premium quality and versatility for professional printing needs. They are available in two sizes – 24”(A1) and 36”(A0), catering to a wide range of applications. With a 50-meter length, these rolls are perfect for large-format projects, including architectural drawings, business presentations, and posters. Crafted with precision, Namibind’s plotter paper ensures impeccable print quality and durability. The 80 GSM weight strikes a balance between thickness and flexibility. These rolls are compatible with various plotters and wide-format printers, ensuring hassle-free printing and consistent results. Beyond architectural use, they are suitable for business presentations, adding a touch of clarity and professionalism. Their versatility extends to creative projects and poster printing, making them a valuable asset for designers and businesses alike. The 2-inch core diameter ensures smooth paper feeding, reducing the risk of jams and ensuring uninterrupted workflow. Namibind’s commitment to quality is evident, making it the preferred choice for professionals seeking reliability and precision in their printing needs. Whether you’re an architect, business professional, or creative designer, Namibind’s 80 GSM Plotter Paper Rolls will transform your ideas into stunning, high-quality prints. Choose Namibind and experience the convenience and quality that sets them apart.

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