Namibind Paper Creasing & Paper Perforation Machine different model is available, desktop model to heavy duty model available, Printing paper creasing, bag making paper creasing. book .copy .register paper creasing and perforation machine is used in each and every job.
Paper creasing is now being used in the office. the school college library also.
Offical Paper, Conference Book, Quotation Paper, Tender Paper. Quotation Paper Can Be C Desktop creasing machine is the latest feature model. The desktop model does not require any trained operator to run, it is a simple operating system, once demo and training are given, anyone can operate. A desktop model is a complete programming model, written in a complete programmable display. is From manual operating model to industrial model is available No maintenance is required in the digital model, simple to be cleaned once in a month and creased In House No Need To Send Important Paper OutsideWith the desktop model, it became clear that there is no need to go to the outside shop for trim work, you can do the creasing with the machine yourself in an in-house home and office.

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