Namibind A4 Size ABS Plastic Coil Ring Wire Best Use Any Type of Book Binding, Diary, Calendar, NoteBook, copy, register, office conference book Binding.
Namibind coil spiral binding strip is specially made for bookbinding. The specialty of coil spiral is that it can do easy binding through the machine. Namibind coil spiral is made from soft ABS A grade plastic, a cheap spiral which is available in the market is from low quality plastic Designed to do binding with cheap spiral only hand operateCan not do binding with the cheap spiral machine, instead of binding with spiral quality cheap spiral hand operates is a waste of time in a way, binding with named spiral is accurate and binding machine becomes easy and time is saved.
Namibind Spiral Comes in 100 Pcs Box Packing Size in length is a4 and different mm sizes are available from 6 mm to 38 mm in color transprint only available.

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