Namibind Plastic Comb Binding Strip is the best use for any type of office use bookbinding Namibind Comb is available in different sizes and different colors Comb is made from hard ABS plastic Namibind Comb is unbreakable plastic
Combs Available in Black, White, Red , Yellow, Green Color Namibind Combs Specially Available in A4 Size Standard Box of 100 Pcs
Namibind comb can be easily bound with any type of comb binder Maximum comb binding strip is used in office work. Instead of this, anyone can do bonding in the easel office, you will get ease at the stationery shop in the named comb market.
The quality of Namibind Comb is designed in such a way that any type of bonding can be done easily, office use, other types of paper, catalog photo conference paper, you can do bonding.
The specialty of Namibind Comb is that if you want to open the book and add new paper or take out the paper, you can do it without spoiling the strip.

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