The main issue facing the government today in major cities is the existence of any kind of garbage. Until recently, the government had no idea how to use waste or where to dispose of it. When compared to China, there exist facilities for recycling and reusing all types of waste in China. In India, there were no features for recycling any form of waste material. There were also no particular recycling units of any kind in any state for the material. There are no alternatives for any form of garbage, including plastic bottles, plastic pouches, cardboard boxes, medical waste, municipal waste, and e-waste.

The first piece of equipment needed in this procedure for recycling any kind of waste material is a shredding machine. Since 1982, Namibind has been in the business of selling trash shredding machines. Shredders are essential for shredding all kinds of garbage. According to the kind of product the client wants to shred, Namibind makes a variety of shredder machines. Namibind offers shredder machines in every category that are built in India. The trash shredder machine is produced to order and delivered to the customer in a specific size. The model is created based on the functionality and capacity of the shredder. There are models ranging from 50 kg to 5000 kg per hour.

Namibind sells and services waste shredder equipment through a dealer network in every location. We sell waste shredder machines both domestically and internationally to countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Rwanda, and Kenya, among others.

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