Perfect glue binding machine is the most used binding machine in bookbinding today, glue binding machine in today’s date every kind of book, diary, copy, register, conference book, storybook, novel, library story book everything binding is done in glue binding, it is not only in India that glue binding machine is being used the most, glue binding machine is being used the most in overseas market. In glue binding, the hard cover and soft cover binding become easy and the binding strength is also good. Maximum Chinese and Taiwanese machines are available in the market, which are being sold in the market instead of being cheap, but if we talk about quality, it is a light white machine, and heavy work cannot be done.

Namibind Indian technology is making perfect glue binder machines for the last 10 years, blue plus series glue binder binding thickness can do max 600 paper binding. Blue plus series 320 mm to 500 mm book-length binding blue plus series each model pay side glue feature paper trimmer paper creasing, speed control feature binding speed control, and single clamp to 5 clamp model is available. Namibind blue plus series glue binder is widely used in printing & document binding industries, me govt printing press is being used the most. Namibind glue binder demand is big in the Indian market the demand for Indian glue binders is big in the overseas market like Nepal, Kenya, Bangladesh, the middle east, and Africa machine demand, blue plus series glue binder machine complete metal body structure machine’s display paneled display has auto bind feature after binding, the book automatically goes to the bottom strand demo or details of blue plus series glue binder machine are available, you can message and mail us at the below-given numbers.

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