Namibind Velo-bind machine system one & system two has been the bookbinding styles of choice for organizations that wanted both a professional look and a secure book bind. Namibind Velo-bind series two type manual punching & electric punching size A4/Fs. Your Velo-bind system can sometimes be a little bit difficult. This article Velo-bind designed to provide you with some simple tips and tricks for binding documents with a Velo-bind system. Here are five things to keep in mind when Velo-binding: The easiest way to determine the type of Velo-bind supplies that you need is to punch/hole a sheet of paper and count the paper holes, easy bookbinding system.

If you have Velo-bind strips with ten &11 holes, you will need Namibind Velo-bind binding strips. all the different types of Velo-bind systems available, there is always a booked binding finished side of the spine attached to the comb and an unfinished side that is part of the receiving black & white binding strip. The finished binding side is designed to go on the front of the bookbinding while the receiving binding strip is designed to go on the back side of the book. This helps to provide a more professional look for your Velo-bound machine Books/documents. Velo-bind binding strips are available in different sizes up to three inches thick. This means that these Velo-bind systems offer the ability to bind documents that are thicker than any other type of desktop bookbinding system. if you are going to want to bind documents using two-inch spines you are going to need a Velo-bind System Two-inch hot knife binding system. a maximum binding capacity of 500 pieces of paper at a time, and a maximum binding size FS.

You can use your Velo-bind system to bind hardcover books. You simply need to order custom hardness cover cases to use along with your binding system. These hardness book cover cases will include a bookbinding case and two adhesive flyleaves. Book Bind the flyleaves into your document, then peel off the adhesive backing and adhere the flyleaf to the binding book. Velo-bind machines maximum use in printing industries, the corporate sector, education sector.

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