Products Under ₹4999

Products Under ₹9999


I am writing to express our utmost satisfaction with our recent purchase of the Industrial Die Changeable Paper Punching Machine, Book Press Machine, and Double Plate Heat Transfer Machine from National Industries. The outstanding quality of your products, coupled with prompt shipping and impeccable installation support, has exceeded our expectations.



Sri Lanka

I’m thrilled with the wood chipper and sawdust machine from National Industries. The wood chipper effortlessly turns logs into uniform chips, and the sawdust machine produces high-quality sawdust. It’s a durable and efficient solution for any woodworking project.

Chirag Patel



I’m delighted with the glue binding and paper cutting machine from National Industries for my printing business. It delivers strong binds and precise cuts, enhancing our productivity. It’s a must-have for anyone in the printing and binding industry.

Maktoum Abdullah Mohsen Al-Khalifi

United Arab Emirates


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Namibind is a global brand in the office automation industry. We are leading supplier, manufacturer, exporter and retailer of Banking and office automation products. We are an approved ISO 9001-2008 certified and registered with kendriyaBhandar from last 20 years Now we are registered with GEM from 2017. Our products are well equipped with best in classified facilities to bear complete products development process right from designing to manufacturing.Our organization established since 1990 so more than 28 years of work experience in the business of office automation, we provide an array of brands and products that serve standards for quality and innovation for offices, home and business. Our all products stand for its quality & services with extended warranty by 1year to our all reputable customers. We are providing best services and finest quality to our customer’s to build a good relationship with them and we are also providing services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology. Our team of expert engineers, impressive sales team and specialized services team taking care of all support that our customers &clients needs. paper shredder machine in delhi

Our organization has better infrastructure which includes quality assurance and adequate manufacturing facilities. Quality control department has advanced technology of machines and tools. The work is assisted by quality a controller who conducts/use of high tech machines for quality product to become a leader in the field of office automation machines.

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