Namibind offers top-quality Cold & Hot Lamination Film Pouches, and Cold & Hot Laminating Film Rolls, making it the ideal choice for laminating heat-sensitive photos and documents. These pouches are perfect for protecting faxes, various types of photos, and documents printed with inkjet printers. Unlike hot lamination, which involves heat that may harm sensitive materials, hot & cold lamination film provides a safer option with superior ultraviolet protection. Designed for heat-sensitive photos and documents. Provides excellent protection for various media types, including inkjet prints. Superior ultraviolet protection compared to hot lamination. Easy and safe to use since they don’t require any heat or electricity. Key Features of Namibind Cold & Hot Laminating Film Rolls: Plastic film coated with high-quality adhesive and glossy finish with a matte backing. The adhesive is exposed when the backing is removed, allowing easy application. Available in various thicknesses, lengths (up to 50 meters), and finishes. Offered in different internal core sizes for compatibility with various laminators. Namibind Cold & Hot Lamination Films utilize pressure-sensitive adhesives, instantly binding the film to the substrate without the need for heat. This feature eliminates the risk of photo damage that may occur during the hot lamination process. As a result, these films can be safely used with a wide range of media types and inks, including digitally printed media. Photo and document lamination for long-lasting protection. Over-lamination to enhance durability and appearance. Ideal for labels to make them water-resistant and durable. Suitable for glass/matte interior and film protection applications. Namibind Hot & Cold Lamination Films are available in a variety of sizes and lengths to suit your specific requirements. Whether you need standard sizes or custom dimensions, we have you covered with professional-grade products. Size- 25 micron, 27 microns, Length- 50 meter, 100 meters, 150 meter

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