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Machines are the soul of most assembling tasks. Without top notch machines performing at most extreme productivity, it is essentially difficult to meet tight creation plans. Machines likewise address a significant cost — buying fresh out of the box new gear may not fit the severe spending plan prerequisites for organizations that need to make the most of each and every dollar to stay cutthroat in the present testing worldwide business environment.

As a supplement to our exceptional machine building administrations, Astro Machine Works offers far reaching machine fix, remaking and restoration benefits that offer a more financially savvy option in contrast to purchasing new gear. Our machine fix and reconstructing administrations incorporate all that from refreshing electronic controls to destroying and modifying a machine starting from the earliest stage.

While numerous modern machine fix and restoration occupations can be finished nearby, our completely prepared Ephrata, PA office can oblige significant reconstructing and renovation errands with both speed and proficiency.

Immediately source all your part and supply needs – fix, excess and new. All supported by our cutting edge administration place that makes your production line back ready.

More seasoned electronic and mechanical parts generally appear to flop at the most awful time – frequently delaying creation and confusing support work orders. Our accomplished way to deal with modern machine fix furnishes our clients with a quick, quality arrangement at a massive expense reserve funds – permitting them to invest less energy fixing broken gear and additional time fulfilling creation needs.

Excess, revamped, new and fixed parts offer producers various MRO parts arrangements – all through one supplier. Our definite part fix administrations convey extensive cleaning and examination of parts preceding fix and give full practical testing after fix – guaranteeing your returned part is prepared to run with a guarantee ensure. Profoundly gifted ATS experts furnish quality fixes with a fast circle back – saving producers up to half by fixing their part as opposed to purchasing new.


At the point when a machine separates, quick activity is expected to guarantee insignificant personal time and keep away from an extensive disturbance to your assembling interaction. Astro Machine Works can give speedy, on location crisis machine fix administration that can make your machine ready again in a matter of moments. We can play out a wide range of essential electronic and mechanical fixes and lead investigating moves toward find and right blames in pressure driven and electronic frameworks. On the off chance that we can’t cure the issue nearby, we can destroy the machine, eliminate the harm parts and transport them to our office for greater fix work.

Our in-house machine fix administrations give the ideal answer for all the more truly harmed machine parts and gear fixes. Our machine fix abilities reach out to a wide range of large equipment, as well as pneumatic and water driven chambers and CNC retrofitting errands. Explicit models incorporate metal creation hardware fix, processing machine fix and manual turning machine fix. We can likewise fix brakes, machines, processors, pressure driven presses and substantially more.

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