Namibind Mix Value Counting Machine is being used the most in the commercial and corporate sectors today. The specialty of Mix Value Counter is to keep 100/150 notes at a time in the hopper of the machine. The machine will count in 10 seconds if there is any fake note at the time of counting. The machine will stop at the beep sound. Machine front display It will show how many notes there are in total and will also show the total value. Mix value counter will solve the problem of repeatedly counting and checking the total, the machine will automatically show each category currency in different displays, it will save more time.
Mix Value Counter comes in 2 colors – Silver and Golden. The machine is of desktop size and is lightweight, the machine can be carried anywhere easily. The machine is high-speed counting and it also has auto and manual counting features, there is no sound of any kind at the time of counting.  It has extra feature add mode + batch mode + only counting mode +value check mode feature in this machine can run continuously, there is no maintenance of any kind in the machine, once weekly clean up has to be done.
The kind of cash transactions that are happening in the market, Fake notes are also running in the market, if Fake notes are to be stopped from running the market, there is a need for a mixed value counter in every commercial department. Fake notes are affecting every one of our businesses today, apparently, We all have to stop doing this.

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