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Today, the way document paperwork is conducted in every small and big office whether it private or government sector, embassy, schools, colleges, export house, or warehouses, is in tremendous quantity. Maintaining the record after finishing the work is the biggest problem, it also generates a problem of space. If these records or confidential information goes then it might affect the privacy of an organization and undoubtedly damage several things. Furthermore, it will be an ingenious idea to destroy unnecessary documents after their completion of usage, irrespective of piling them up in the storage. The resolution to this invisible issue yet gigantic is to shred the paper as you feel them destroy, it might once or twice a month. However, the cost of an industrial paper shredding machine deters many companies to make an investment. Apparently, there is an option to rent a shredder at nominal charges as per one’s requirement despite purchasing the machine. It will benefit in several ways, for instance – No huge investment, No maintenance cost, No personal operator required, No problem of space.

Namibind Started renting its Industrial Shredder Machines on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis for services For the last 7/8 years after getting feedback from many customers and market research. Machine specially designed for shredding volume paper. These shredders are available in various cut types, for example-Micro-cut, Crosscut, and straight cut. These cutting are highly effective and can be selected on the basis of document security. In addition, there are 2 types of shredding services, On-site and Off-site (in this customer has to bring the paper material to our warehouse) which can opt as per the customer requirement. Renting service is available on Delhi-NCR and PAN India basis. In fact, we have also started giving the facility of transportation along with the labor to get the scrap out of the location. if you still have any inquiries regarding this, please contact me at

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Rent paper shredder in delhi

Today, whether every office is a small or a big corporate office, paperwork is being done in every office. Paper is a kind of proof of our every work, no work can be done without paperwork. Any office work, school work, product delivery work, embassy visa work, property sale purchase work, credit card work, bank loan approval, exam question paper, or the paper is always used in every work.
Paper is our lifeline
Every single work of paper is always to be maintained in the record. Some office use paper ends its important after a time, they have to keep the paper or sell it in scrap, but if you sell the paper in the same condition, someone can use the official data, its best solution is to use the paper. After shredding small pieces can be sold as scrap, and no one can misuse the paper.
Namibind Paper Shredder Machine is the best model for all kinds of model sale and rental, Pan India today namibind paper shredder is available in every city. Always available for personal use, office, heavy-duty model, and industrial use model rental. You will find named shredder machine cross cut, strip cut, and micro-cut model, rental shredder machine and operator and labor is also available. Namibind shredder machines per day ranging from 500 paper shredder models to 5 tons per day are available for Namibind shredder machine rental service at our toll-free no – 180030107005.

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