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The ZX 950-50B glue binding machine comes with 4 sensors that help you bind books, novels, registers, and other documents efficiently and accurately. Some salient features and benefits of the ZX 950-50B glue binding machine include:

Non-stop binding: The machine can bind non-stop without the need for punching.
Speed: The ZX 950-50B can bind at a rate of up to 200 books/hour.
Storage Area: The machine’s two-door storage area lets you store essential items.
Manual/Automatic: The machine makes work easy with manual/automatic modes.

How to Use
Allow the machine to heat for 10-15 minutes to melt the glue. Place your documents securely in the clamping space. Once done, set the cover using the machine’s margin setting function. The machine will automatically crease the cover’s edges (when operating in automatic mode) to enable an even spread of glue and bind the documents perfectly and seamlessly.

ZX-950-50B Automatic A4 perfect book binding machine price with hot melt glue
The Perfect Glue Binding Machine ZX950-50B is suitable for soft covers, pads reports binding, and other places.
The machine is very simple to use but still offers a professional finish to books and documents. It’s been takes short time to glue binding the document spine and never off the pages. All our offered consumption of glue is accorded with environmental protection of EU standard ( for separate sale.)
This machine would be ideal for any digital printer and graphic owner looking to get into the perfect binding market.
* Perfect and professional binding effect
* Manual adjustment platform to make different book spines in round or square shape.
* Precise control binding and NEVER OFF pages
* Very easy to operate through button key
* Fast and efficient speed to 200 books per hour
* With max binding length for A4 size (380mm)
* With max binding thickness to 50mm

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Technical Specifications

Model ZX-950-50B
Binging Length 380mm
Binding thickness 50mm
Binding Speed 250 Books/hour
Clamp Cover Automatic
Packing size 1250*405*820mm
Weight 135 kg
Speed adjustment Yes
Book-keeping flat Yes
Open flat Yes

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