Heavy Duty Flat Bed Die Cut Punching Machine Size 20”x32” Siemens 3 H.P. Motor

  • Oil Pump
  •  Siemens 3 H.P.

280,000 310,000

Namibind Present Flatbed die-cut punching machine is a versatile tool in industrial settings, offering precision cutting and shaping capabilities for a range of materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, and metal. It comes in different sizes to suit various workpiece dimensions, including 20”x32”, 20”x30” and 36”x50”. The machine’s functionality is supported by a heavy-duty electromagnetic clutch and brake system that ensures smooth and adjustable operation, providing precise control over the punching process. Safety features are paramount, with a wrap-around design and sensor brake system that enhance operator protection during use. Key components like gears, made from durable steel, and bushes crafted from bronze, contribute to the machine’s reliability and long-term performance. High-quality bearings sourced from trusted brands like NBC or SKF further enhance operational efficiency. An oil pump lubrication system ensures that moving parts remain well-lubricated for smooth operation and reduced wear and tear. The machine also incorporates standard impression adjustment mechanisms using eccentric bushes, allowing for fine-tuning as needed. For electrical components, the machine relies on Siemens products, including a robust 7.5 HP motor that delivers sufficient power for punching operations. The comprehensive safety features, along with included accessories like a tool kit, make this die-punching machine a dependable and efficient solution for various industrial punching needs.

Model:  DCM-300
Size 20”x32”
Clutch & Brake System:  Heavy Duty Electro Magnetic, Adjustable
Safety Device:  Totally Wrap Around
Gears:  All Steel
Bushes:  Bronze
Brake System:  Sensor
Lubrication System:  Oil Pump
Bearings:  NBC OR SKF Brand
Chase and Plates:  Two Chase, One Plates M.S.
Impression Adjustment:  Standard, Two Eccentric Bushes
Electrical Components:  SIEMENS
Motor:  Siemens 3 H.P.
Safety Features:  Wrap Around, Sensor Brake
Accessories:  Tool Kit, Standard Accessories

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